Help us stay strong through a unique holiday image

Help us stay strong through a unique holiday

Giving matters right now more than it has and more than it will

$39,610 raised

$50,000 goal

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This is a unique moment when we rely on you more than we have or will. Through the worst of the pandemic, we relied on our reserves, built primarily through your giving, to maintain the safety of our clients, staff and community. Next summer, we expect to receive funding increases that will not only make us more sustainable than we have been in years, but allow us to substantially raise direct care rates. In between, though, our stressed reserves need to continue protecting our community, provide for an expansion in our service and meet some deferred needs.

Your holiday gift comes to the heart of a period when financial support matters more than ever. Thank you for whatever you can do. The support of our community fuels our work, sustained it through a pandemic and protects it through a challenging winter and spring.